Our Breath Can Reveal A lot About Our Health.

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide accounting for nearly 10 million deaths or nearly one in six deaths, in 2020. Many cancers can be cured if caught early and treated effectively and that's where Breath of Health comes in.

About Us

A glance to our journey to change the world

BOH was founded in 2020 with a clear mission, to detect cancer patients in receiving the optimal treatment medicine can offer.
We are leveraging AI to detect, in real-time, a broad range of cancerous biomarkers alone.

Revolutionizing Molecular Screening

Talented Multidisciplinary Team

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50+ Pathogens Can
Be Detected

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Cancer Diagnostic For Everyone

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Pioneer in the next generation of laboratory tests

Our proprietary AI technology enables rapid breath sample analysis designed to answer and to improve patient outcomes through quality monitoring and analytics.

Non invasive and less strenuous sampling for subjects

Unlimited samples of breath gas allowing the collection of many samples per day

Free from biological and cellular material

Direct access to the lungs and indirect

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