Early disease screening saves lives

Screening healthy, high-risk groups can help detect cancer earlier and open up greater opportunities for treatment and treatment design. Current screening tests play a role to some extent in some cancers, but all screening tests have limitations and improved screening methods are urgently needed. Unfortunately, for many types of cancer there are still no effective screening recommendations, or the benefits of screening tests are negligible compared to the potential harm.

  • A breath sample contains >3,000 molecules providing relevant clinical information.
  • BOH detects over 1,000 molecules that can be correlated to gold standard diagnostics such as biopsy for cancer
  • BOH detects non-volatile, semi & volatile molecules
  • Breath tests showed in previous research very high sensitivity and specificity values for Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs), especially cancer

How Does it Works?



Collection of exhaled breath in aTedlar bag.



Bag processed in the system to produce an aerosol inside the gas cell of the system..



The sample is screened with the laser beam 50 times generating 100,000 molecular signatures.



Data is analyzed by the SW developed and supervised by DL provides a diagnostic result.