Early disease screening saves lives

Non-Invasive, accessible public set ups, at home sample collection, low cost, can be developed for screening program of any disease, with increasing predictive value reducing over time and data, false positive and false negatives, early detection allowing early intervention and chances of lower morbidity and survivability.

Drug development driven by early detection and probability of successful cure. Early detection leading to early intervention with anticipation of improved clinical outcomes. Simple monitoring method.
Enabling low-cost screening tests for early detection of disease allowing early intervention, and reduction in overall costs and burden to the health care system through reduction in morbidity and mortality. Big data analysis providing policy makers with decision tools for screening programs of not only known high risk groups but other new identified such groups through demographics, genetics and geographics.
Data on new targets based on correlative study between breath samples and relevant biomarkers before treatment. Data on progression of treatment based on data collected before and during treatment.