Early disease screening saves lives


We welcome interest from investors and are happy to provide more information on our plans for development and commercialization on request.

BOH has developed a system for early-stage diagnosticsof non-communicable diseases. The device is easy to use and can be handled without extensive trainingArieli Venture Capital are amongst BOH early investors.

  • Unique platform technology to detect non-volatile, semi and volatile molecules
  • Proprietary solution for screening tests combining DL-based correlation algorithms & systems toreplace blood tests and provide missing screening tests.
  • Next indications isbased on significant increase in predictive value (data points).
  • Strong IP position filed on Molecular Identification Method.


  • Blood Testing $140.3 Billion by 2028, CAGR 8.3% (Grand View Research, Inc.)
  • Global cancer testing market or cancer screening market size isestimated to be $123 billion-$133 billion as of 2018.
  • Clinical Laboratory Services market $233 B in 2018, $404 B by2027 (BioSpace).

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